PVC Installer - PVC Flooring Installation Instructions

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Published on November 3, 2018
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PVC like all building materials expands and contracts. Depending on job conditions, exposure to UV light, job size and type of application some job site modifications may be necessary to minimize the effects of expansion and contraction. If you have a large project, a project with direct exposure to UV light on part or the entire floor during installation may cause the floor tiles to be too pliable and locking mushroom teeth become difficult to connect for installation. So please be aware of direct sun on tiles prior to and during installation. Norsk-Stor nor its distributors, retailers or contractors will be responsible for buckling or separation caused by consumers failing to allow for expansion and contraction.

While this may seem complicated, don't feel intimidated. These are just important considerations to take while designing and installing your flooring system to ensure that it will look great for a long time. One advantage with using PVC tile, especially with Norsk’s patented mushroom tooth design locking system is there will be less waste and installation is similar to a traditional tile floor.

Depending on the size of the area to be installed we recommend leaving a 1/4" to 1/2" expansion gap between the last tile and any walls or fixed objects. By not leaving an expansion gap, you run the risk of your tiles buckling if exposed to direct sunlight or excessive heat if they are installed in cooler temperatures and the tiles need to expand slightly. NOTE: Our tiles can handle heavy objects just make sure the floor has time to adjust to a fully expanded condition prior to putting permanent heavy fixtures or items including but not limited to safes, cabinets, workbenches and shelving units. Once the floor has been exposed to a nice warm day or direct sunlight and you have no issues of buckling or pushing against walls then it is safe to move any items onto floor. Trouble area’s are mostly around Garage openings where direct sunlight will affect the most. Just remember to leave a 1/2” gap in these areas.


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