Laminate İnstaller - Finishing Laminate Flooring Installations

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Published on November 4, 2018
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Finishing up your laminate flooring can be difficult, as there are numerous small cuts and trims that have to be taken care of. Be sure to be patient and take your time -- you didn't go through all this work just to mess up the installation at the end.

If the installation required putting down an underlayer that extended several inches up along the walls, cut the underlayer even with the top of the floor. Then, remove all spacers. Install the wall base or quarter round molding. This will cover that a quarter-inch (.6 cm) expansion zone around the perimeter. It's very important that the trim is attached to the walls or the subfloor, not the laminate floor, so that the floor can move as humidity dictates.

Next, install the trim track on the subfloor where needed. You can glue or nail this to the subfloor, and it serves the purpose of holding trim and transition elements in place. Then, install trim pieces that will finish the transitions to other rooms. T-molding is used to cover the space where two floors meet in a doorway. Manufacturers will also offer finishing pieces that are designed to transitions the laminate flooring to another floor, say tiled or carpeted floor. End molding finishes the laminate flooring at sliding doors or other areas.

Lastly, use a vacuum or damp mop to clean up the area. If the installation involved glue and tape, buff with a dry towel to remove any film left from the glue or tape.


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