Carpet Tile Sale - Choose a pattern carpet tile

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Published on October 26, 2018
Published by floor
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Having control over the carpet pattern is one of the many benefits of using modular tiles. For instance, each square could feature the same color, or you could mix and match several to create a customized look. As far as layouts go, you could choose one of these popular options (the direction each carpet tile faces is based on the arrow on back of the tile, which indicates pile direction):

  • Monolithic/Broadloom: Point all tiles in the same direction
  • Quarter Turn/ Checker Board: Turn tiles 90 degrees from one another
  • Ashlar: Point all tiles in the same direction; offset tiles by half a tile along the length
  • Brick: Point all tiles in the same direction; offset tiles by half a tile along the width

Double check your product specifications to make sure your desired layout works with your tiles. You can pre-lay a few carpet tiles in different arrangements to get an idea of how they’ll look in your space.


5555 Dundas St

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